Welcome to Principles of New Media!

This course is a survey of modern cyber culture, including various forms of human communication mediated by the creative application of computer technology, and the developments that have enabled this exploding phenomenon. This course studies the history, theory, and practice of new media in today’s networked society; the implications of the convergence of technology and convergence of disciplines; and the societal implications of the new connectedness. Second generation web-based media such as social communities, blogs, wikis, personal web pages will be examined. Issues relating to privacy, copyright and ethics on the web will be explored.

This course is a Hybrid course. That means we will meet once a week face-to-face (FTF) and engage various aspects of our course work online (ONL). Hybrid does not = less work. Our FTF time will be spent discussing course readings, exploring related current events, and working on digital projects. You will also be expected to complete course work during asynchronous online (ONL) time. ONL time will be spent actively reading (AKA annotating) and writing about course topics. You will also be building a New Media Timeline and crafting 3 Multimedia Articles.

Learning Goals

By the end of the semester students will be able to:

  • Define “new media” and give examples of new media in their own lives
  • Explain the history, theory, uses, and practices of new media
  • Demonstrate skills related to new media such as building a blog, participating on social media, and using a coding language
  • Communicate their understanding of how the internet is structured
  • Identify several common web frameworks
  • Discuss the connections between new media, consumerism, economics, and democracy
  • Hypothesize about the future of new media and possible changes, effects on society

Course Information

What:  Principles of New Media, CIS 3810 (Hybrid-Sample Course)

When: Thursday, 5:50-7:05 pm, Semester year

Where: Baruch College

Instructor: Laurie Hurson

Email: lhurson (at) gc.cuny.edu

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