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Week 2 Prompts

By Tuesday, February 6th: READ

  • What-is-Web-2.0” by Tim O’Reilly in The Social Media Reader, Mandiberg, M. (Eds). New York: New York University Press. Creative Commons, BY SA NC. (2012)
  •  “Digital”  By Tara McPherson, Keywords for American Cultural Studies. NYU Press (2014)

By Thursday, February 8th: Create Post #2: But really, what is Web 2.0? Find an example that demonstrates at least 3 of O’Reilly’s 7 principles. Share your example and describe how it demonstrates the principles of “web 2.o”.  Link to your example, if possible.  Categorize the post as “Week 2“.

Course Information

What:  Principles of New Media, CIS 3810 (Hybrid-Sample Course)

When: Thursday, 5:50-7:05 pm, Semester year

Where: Baruch College

Instructor: Laurie Hurson

Email: lhurson (at) gc.cuny.edu

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