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Critical Sociology

Adiar Stephen expresses that “The size of the potential market for information commodities is not limited by productive capacity.”. This is supported by Adiar when he states that multiple companies have given away free software in order to have a large market, with increased demand on their products. However, according to Adiar, no matter what the market size is, as long as the item being sold is properly advertised, invested in, as well as targets the global audience standards; there should be no limitations. Microsoft is a commodity that is mass produced yet still is purchased and requested for constantly. Regardless of how much the company produces the software in various forms, it is still needed and purchased in almost everyone’s device because of its efficiency as well as how it is advertised.

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What:  Principles of New Media, CIS 3810 (Hybrid-Sample Course)

When: Thursday, 5:50-7:05 pm, Semester year

Where: Baruch College

Instructor: Laurie Hurson

Email: lhurson (at) gc.cuny.edu

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