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The article “Issues Spark a Public Into Being” is about democracy and how its all about subjects. The article sheds light on how Democracy can be confusing and a little jacked up but it is still beautiful and should be fine tuned. “To acknowledge the role that the problems that affect people playing bringing politics about, does not mean the end of democracy, but its beginning. The appearance of the objects of politics on the scene of democratic politics does not necessarily mean the exit of the democratic subject. Instead of worrying that the complicated issues of today make democracy impossible, we should try to figure out by what amazing means today’s issues may bring out the passions of the public.” Object oriented democratic politics is a little more complicated meaning as people don’t want to be idle in politics but more involved. Number two states that information is not the problem ; she starts off by saying lack of information is a problem but also a solution as well. Meaning the lack of information promotes involvement. “Lippmann and Dewey did not accept the diagnoses that say that the problem of democracy in a technological society is a problem of the quality,organisation and presentation of information.” I think this article pertains to the class because once again it goes back to us having awareness of our activity on the internet , our rights and how e’re being monitored.

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