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Tristan Harris runs the Center for Humane Technology where he, focuses on realigning technology with a clear-eyed model of human nature. And befire that he was a design ethicist at Google where he studied the ethics of human persuasion. The ideas that Harris present are “I think that’s the thing that we both share is that the human mind is not the total secure enclave root of authority that we think it is, and if we want to treat it that way we’re going to have to understand what needs to be protected first.” and that humans are hackable and are being hacked. Which is how your computer (i.e Youtube, Amazon) knows more about you than you know about yourself. Harris stance on technology is realizing that we are vulnerable when it comes to internet and we should acknowledge that, and we should start to question and move into a direction whereas we can protect ourselves from this exposure.He’s stance is “We want society to not be hacked, which goes to the political point and sort of how do we politically mobilize as a group to change the whole industry. I mean, for me, I think about the tech industry.” A quote that stood out to me was “I think the point is that we need a new kind of philosophy that acknowledges a certain kind of thinking or cognitive process or conceptual process or social process that we we want that.” It stands out simply because it says a simple but effective message , lets stop talking and actually do something.A question I would have for him is would he consider teaching a class based off humans being hackable.

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